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Having a great companion, the most loyal best friend like a pet is so much fun, but quite a bit of work (what we don't mind) at the same time. We feature a great line of products to help you complete the task of cleaning up after you pets. There are certain vacuum accessories to get pet hair of your furniture and steps we have some that even can help you vacuum your pet.

Some vacuums are manufactured with special odor absorbing filters to help you control pet smells coming from your vacuum. We rent and sell carpet and floor cleaning machines. We feature special mops and have many stain and odor removing products as well. The high end air cleaners we sell are excellent for taking allergens including pet dander out of the air. We also recommend more frequent upkeep, maintenance on you vacuums because you simply use them a lot more.

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Don't forget your vacuum is a hygiene product. You can only keep a clean house with a clean vacuum! We love our pets very much! Let us help you cleaning up after them much easier with our products and services.

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