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Floor Cleaning

Today's floor covering is quite interesting to say the least!

It makes me smile how we have tile floors that look like hardwood and laminate floors that look like tile or vinyl!  We now also have luxury vinyl. Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) flooring is made up of 6-8 structural layers such as a foam, cork or PVC backing, WPC or SPC core, PVC layer, a layer of glass fiber, print layer, design layer, wear layer and UV protective and in some cases, an added antimicrobial layer.

Sounds really great doesn't it?

We still have many homes where the floors are beautiful in some cases antique real hardwood made out of cherry wood or oak, maybe pine (careful,very soft!) and they are either sealed with polyurethane or simply good old fashioned waxed.

Let's not forget all the stones. Tiles, granite, marble, terrazzo, limestone, slate, sandstone, tumbled tile etc.

I could go on forever, but the point I am trying to make is no matter what flooring you have in your home they all get dirty and they all need to be cleaned!

In our close to 35 years of being in the floorcare business we have seen many "magic" appliances that clean/mop floors like nothing else, come and go.  Endless commercials on the Swiffer mops and many steam mops. Most of us have tried them all! Still, too many of us are NOT TOO HAPPY with the floor cleaning appliance we are using.

So, similar to choosing a vacuum cleaner, the floor cleaning appliance should be selected based on your cleaning needs, like the type of flooring you have and the traffic that goes on that floor.

We have several options for you based on your situation.

Option number one (in no particular order!!) is Nellie's mop.

Nellie's mop
​​​​​​​This appliance makes moping an absolute breeze! With 2 microfiber, washable pads that oscillate 950 times a minute this mops moves like butter on any type of floor. Easy on your back and with its on board reservoir applying the solution is just a push of a button! Cordless, EASY, EASY, EASY!!!

Option number two (in no particular order!!) is the Ymop.


It is one of the most efficient mops out there.  It performs like a power tool compared to a toy! More power, less gimmicks! This mop has 4000rpm (cymatic frequency). It is cordless, has no lights and sprayers to break, no water tanks to clean or dump. It has a super wide cleaning path with wrap around Velcro. This mop eliminates the need for toxic chemicals. You can use the cleaning solution you approve of, even essential oils! The mop heads can be washed and reused hundreds of times! The Ymop is remarkably smooth, quite and maintenance free. It also can be used on carpets and rugs! The amazing vibration cleans all types of floors and it is especially effective on porous surfaces including grout lines and floors like terrazzo and slate! 

Option number three (in no particular order!!) is HIZERO bionic floor cleaning machine.

This unit is extremely unique!!! Not like other mops this unit actually picks up the dirty water instead of just moving it around. It has a clean and a dirty water tank and it also picks up solid matter like pet our human hair, crumbs, even spills like pasta or cereal. 
No Suction Technology

Hizero UltimateClean technology is an innovation as it does not utilize suction like a vacuum cleaner does. Their No Suction Technology means they do not emit any dust or allergens back out into the air.
Polymer Cleaning Roller

This specially formulated cleaning roller, can pick up all types of waste without scratching your floor or leaving an odor on it.

With our two German shepherds Lola and Romy, as they constantly run in and out to our often very muddy backyard this appliance is extremely helpful for fast, very effective and quite, cordless mopping as it pulls up mud particles and hair and who knows what else in one swoosh. It is so satisfying to dump out all the dirty water and find all the solid dirt in an also very easy to dump tray!
For daily lite mopping, this is definitely your best friend!

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Pet Lovers 2

Don't forget your vacuum is a hygiene product. You can only keep a clean house with a clean vacuum! We love our pets very much! Let us help you cleaning up after them much easier with our products and services.

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